Makar Sankranthi

Sankranthi which means “to being to move” is a solar holiday indicating the northward transition of the sun into Makar on its celestial path. It is one of the oldest and the most colorful harvest festival in India.

Growing up in the western part of India, we celebrated this festival with lots of good food and flying kites for 48 hours straight.

Down south, in a small village near Hasan in Karnataka, IN the celebration is a tad different. Here the farmers along with their bulls jump over burning fire to ensure the evil spirits stay away from their fields and help get a good crop yield.

Traditions are hard to change.

Kadari Kambala

The slush track comes down to a stand still, with no wind you can see the reflection in the water. The adrenalin is running high and with a crack of the whip the the silence and stillness brakes into chaos.

Kadari Kambala or also calls the slush Olympics in Mangalore, IN is a yearly traditional event that kicks if during the harvest season. Buffalo Bulls that are well taken care through out the year are now out to test to show their speed and agility.

I nearly got knocked off by these bill as I sat down staring through my camera taking pictures.